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Our unparalleled expertise in powder coating and our commitment to delivering a flawless finish is unmatched. With a track record of satisfied clients and a dedication to quality, our powder coating services transform your projects into a durable, stunning creation that will last for years.

truck beds


The powder coating process creates a durable and decorative finish that is long-lasting. Compared to traditional liquid coatings, powder coat is more resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals. Additionally, it provides better protection against scratches, chips, corrosion, and fading over time.

racecar frame


Powder coated parts are easy to maintain over an extended period due to their durability, allowing the coating to maintain its appearance for many years. However, it's normal for parts to accumulate dirt and dust with use. Cleaning with water and light scrubbing while avoiding harsh chemicals can help maintain the beautiful finish of the powder coated parts.

hanging parts

environmental impact

Compared to traditional liquid coatings, powder coating does not rely on solvents to keep the coating suspended, thereby avoiding the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to the environment. This eco-friendly process also leads to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and eliminates the need for disposing of hazardous wastes.

stairs in the oven

curing & drying process

Compared to liquid coatings, powder coat requires a much shorter curing and drying time. Liquid coatings generally require several hours to dry to be sufficiently cured and be handled for assembly. Powder coated parts are placed into an oven and heated for a short amount of time before being removed to cool down. Once parts are cooled enough to handle, they can immediately be packaged or assembled.

Our Customers Say It Best

I had a great experience with D&K Powder Coating when I needed to repair my chipped and rusting cast iron bumpers on my pickup truck. Despite other shops being reluctant to work on them, Ken at D&K was able to promptly assess the situation, provide a cost-effective solution, and deliver outstanding results. Not only did the bumpers turn out perfectly, but when I accidentally scuffed one, the team fixed it on the spot at no extra charge. I am impressed by their dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction. Thank you, Ken, Ben, and the D&K crew for an exceptional experience!
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