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d&k difference

Choose D&K Powder Coating, where quality and satisfaction are always guaranteed. We take pride in the D&K difference, which means you can expect nothing but the best from us. Our expert powder coating techniques and unparalleled customer service will exceed your expectations every time.


D & K Powder Coating was established in 2013 by Dana and Kathy Schnepf. From the start, D & K Powder Coating provided high quality powder coating and excellent customer service.  With these simple yet essential business values, D & K Powder Coating was immediately competitive, and business grew rapidly.  After only 2 years D & K outgrew its original shop on Riverfront Drive and a new facility was built in upper North Mankato.  The new building allowed for new growth, and media blasting services were added.  As business continued to grow, an expansion was built in 2018 that doubled the size of the shop.  Today, D & K Powder Coating remains a leader in both the powder coating and media blasting fields, and have plans for another expansion in the near future. D & K Powder Coating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered company. 

The mission at D & K Powder Coating is to deliver a finish of the highest quality possible, at a competitive price, on time. The business model and strategic plan is based on providing custom powder coating and media blasting services that range from one-piece runs to production-level requirements.  D & K Powder Coating aspires to provide customers high quality products that meet and exceed the established standards set forth by customers, suppliers, and regulatory guidelines. 

Powder coating finishes are applied electrostatically, cured under heat, and create a long-lasting finish that is substantially stronger than conventional paint.  Powder coating is a solvent-free, environmentally friendly finish that virtually eliminates air and water pollution.  Powder coating is available in thousands of colors and is one of the most durable and least expensive paint finishes available. 


Media blasting is a process used to strip paint, rust, scale, and other debris from a surface to prepare for finishing services or to provide the finished profile based on specific customer request.  D & K Powder Coating has fully integrated reclaim systems to minimize environmental impact and offers aluminum oxide and steel grit media options. 


The 65,000 square foot facility is filled with state-of-the-art equipment.  D & K can accommodate any size part up to 40,000lbs and up to 16’ wide, 12’ high, and 52’ long.  We feature four paint booths, three ovens, three blast booths, multiple cranes, a fleet of forklifts, and a custom-built wash bay.  


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